Video Production

Documentary and animated film/video production.


VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO operates a small on-site production facility with remote capapbilities for audio and video field production. I currently use a DVD/HDD Hitachi hybridcam w/Zykkor lens filters, Alexis audio mixer and USB-driven Tascam analog/digital transfer hardware.


I received my BFA with Honors in documentary and animated film from Stockton University in December, 1974, and following graduation and the fulfillment of a graphic arts multi-image grant project, I was employed with AR&T Associates as Assistant Director of Animation under Paul Feirlinger, Director. In the 1980s, Paul and I created an animated film about bus ridership development and the history of Atlantic City, NJ to encourage bus usage within the local community using a 35mm cartoon trailer presented in all the Atlantic County movie theaters along the several bus routes. This animatedf short, ANOTHER SEASON, ANOTHER ROLLING CHAIR, featured Tiny Tim singing world famous historic Atlantic City Boardwalk rolling chair songs and I was invited to present at Cannes - this occurred twice in my film career.


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