CREATED ENVIRONMENTS, INC. (CEI) was registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in April 2008, 22 years after I began my consultant activities as VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO. Following a 9-years service term as Administrator of Cultural & Heritage Affairs for the County of Atlantic, NJ, I resigned from this exceutive appointment on April 18, 1986 and established VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART & DESIGN at Central Square in Linwood, NJ. Unlike public service, I now was able to select my clients rather than satisfy any and all unsolicited requests from the general public, often overwhelming to a governmental office that is underfunded and understaffed. 4 years later, my mom died subsequent to open heart surgery from a blood fungus.

Following this family tragedy on April 5, 1990, I relocated my studio, my life and my minor child to Key West, Florida in June, and entertained a broad base of retail, hospitality and nonprofit corporate clients that extended from the Jersey shore to the coral rocks that form the Lower Keys. In 1998, a devastating hurricane struck directly across Key West placing the island under water for 3 days. I returned to Pennsylvania to visit with family and friends while the post-hurricane clean-up occurred. What began as a 3-day visit has become the "ever since then" 19 years of growth and development to this point in time and space. I will have been at my current studio location for 15 years as of August 1, 2017. VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO is a boutique studio, salon gallery and custom furniture showroom as well as production and post-production facility, including anolog/digital recording, A-V production, titles, credits, graphic arts and desktop publishing. VPS is a Disc Makers Studio Partner and I am a Charter Member of the EAW Acoustical Performance Partnership.

VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO was consolidated within the corporate structure of CEI on September 9, 2010. Today, VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO dba CEI T/A VISUAL PHENOMENA - an innovative finel arts & design venue for special people in an intimate created environment designed for a uniquely specific aesthetic experience. Welcome to my creative mutli-aspect virtual presence on the World Wide Web.

Please visit often; things change...

Jeffrey W. Pergament, CEO & President, CEI/LAAPIPI





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It has been said that today’s art is tomorrow’s history – this may be true as our cultural development has been recognized and recorded throughout history. My art output is my legacy and my granddaughters' inheritance. It is my claim against mortality – that I can create something uniquely my own effort that stands the test of time and creates the illusion of time travel by capturing the viewer to transcend the physical moment for the viewer to become one with the work of art and whatever landscape, sense of time or other worldly visual phenomenon that occurs. The contemporaneous world is suspended as one views a painting, sculpture or other work of visual art, watches a film, video, theater poresentation or dance movement. This suspension of time cognizance is the “magic” of art and the meditative experience is necessary for well-being as a human.

Only humans can create art and only humans have such a capacity for art. This actuality is overlooked within the context of the American public school system today. Published in October 1976 relative to this fact, I am certified to teach art and special education in two states – Florida and New Jersey. My theory on art education has become the basis for graduate workshops at Trinity College in Washington, DC and has been distributed through the NAEA Journal to all American art instructors within the public education system. Mitigating these facts, most school districts require only one year of some type of art coursework for students to receive high school diplomas. My thesis called for art instruction as a mainstay with art course requirements for each of the four high school academic years as a requirement to receive a high school diploma.

As the world suffers a bizarre socio-economic platform of corruption, indiscretion and misuse of funds in both public and private sectors, where does art fit into this socio-economic equation in this 21st. Century? Will we be judged by our acts of aggression or our acts of cultural achievement? What type of legacy will our grandchildren embrace?

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