CREATED ENVIRONMENTS, INC. (CEI) was registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in April 2008, 22 years after I began my consultant activities as VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO. Following a 9-years service term as Administrator of Cultural & Heritage Affairs for the County of Atlantic, NJ, I resigned from this exceutive appointment on April 18, 1986 and established VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART & DESIGN at Central Square in Linwood, NJ. Unlike public service, I now was able to select my clients rather than satisfy any and all unsolicited requests from the general public, often overwhelming to a governmental office that is underfunded and understaffed. 4 years later, my mom died subsequent to open heart surgery from a blood fungus.

Following this family tragedy on April 5, 1990, I relocated my studio, my life and my minor child to Key West, Florida in June, and entertained a broad base of retail, hospitality and nonprofit corporate clients that extended from the Jersey shore to the coral rocks that form the Lower Keys. In 1998, a devastating hurricane struck directly across Key West placing the island under water for 3 days. I returned to Pennsylvania to visit with family and friends while the post-hurricane clean-up occurred. What began as a 3-day visit has become the "ever since then" 19 years of growth and development to this point in time and space. I will have been at my current studio location for 15 years as of August 1, 2017. VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO is a boutique studio, salon gallery and custom furniture showroom as well as production and post-production facility, including anolog/digital recording, A-V production, titles, credits, graphic arts and desktop publishing. VPS is a Disc Makers Studio Partner and I am a Charter Member of the EAW Acoustical Performance Partnership.

VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO was consolidated within the corporate structure of CEI on September 9, 2010. Today, VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO dba CEI T/A VISUAL PHENOMENA - an innovative finel arts & design venue for special people in an intimate created environment designed for a uniquely specific aesthetic experience. Welcome to my creative mutli-aspect virtual presence on the World Wide Web.

Please visit often; things change...

Jeffrey W. Pergament, CEO & President, CEI/LAAPIPI





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